Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I'm Ready. New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop!

Hello everyone, my name is Kate, welcome to my blog!

Today it's my turn to introduce myself as part Plum and June's New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop. There are so many talented quilters and bloggers participating this year, and it has been a lot of fun getting to know everyone over the last month or so since the hop started.   
I started quilting earlier this year (April) and finished my first quilt soon after. I just started blogging in May, so I'm new to all of this. Luckily, there's a lot of information (and helpful fellow quilter/bloggers) to help.
My first quilt was hand quilted, and that's still my favorite way to quilt. I'm getting more practice with machine quilting, and trying to get more creative with my walking foot. I keep telling myself I'll try FMQ, and I'm sure I will, someday soon.
Since I started quilting, I've become a weekend warrior (when it comes to quilting and sewing) and have amassed large piles of fabric and WIPs.
My Favorite WIP--EPP Hapi Hexie Project. I think I have 12 of them sewn together as of today, eek! I also made an open wide pouch and needle book, you know, because I needed them to be able to do EPP.
Right now, I'm participating in the Supernova Friendship Swap, hosted by Late Night Quilter and One Million Stitches. I'm also participating in a bee with some other members of this blog hop. We're just getting started, but I'm excited about my month (November) and I'm currently trying to decide which block to do. Any suggestions?? I can't wait to see Pam's quilt--she's the first queen bee. We're doing a swap with scrappy blocks, if you have any fun block suggestions, I'll take them!
I've really enjoyed getting more involved in the quilting and blogging community. I recently joined the local MQG, and made my first Project Linus quilt.
When I'm not working, I'm quilting, and if I'm not quilting, I'm doing yoga, reading, or taking nice walks on the beach with my husband (ha!). We're very lucky to live so close to Hollywood Beach, the only problem is, it's way too hot! I have lived in the tropics before (Indonesia), but forgot how hot and humid it is. I'm ready to head west again.
My blogging tip: get in the habit of pictures of your work. This is my crafting tip in general. I used to crochet and never took pictures of anything I made (including 5 afghans!). I'm trying to learn to be better at this, if not for my blog, then for my parents (they still love seeing pictures of things I make :) ).
I also find it's helpful to have an excellent partner in crime to help model, photograph or hold up your quilts. Other than that, I haven't got much advice, I'm rubbish at the technical stuff. I haven't had the time or patience to figure it out yet. Someday... maybe. I am definitely going to make a header with a picture. For now, I think I have the essentials (I hope! If not, please don't be shy)
My quilting tip: get the tools you need to make life easier. For me, this has been a large rotary cutting mat, a nicer seam ripper, clover wonder clips, and several bottles of starch.
I also find a nice cup of tea (or glass of wine) helps, depending on the time of day, or level of frustration.

Here's me and my husband in front of the Florida state sign, we're collecting these photos. I think we still have 37 or so to go.

A little more about me--
Dream vacation spot: Galapagos Islands or The Azores, I also want to go hiking in North Sumatra or Komodo again (used to live in Indonesia, which is a stunningly beautiful country)
Favorite book: 100 Years of Solitude (I got my degree in Spanish, and love Gabriel Garcia Marquez.)
Currently reading: Life, The Universe and Everything. I'm also taking recommendations, any suggestions? 
Favorite movie: must be Fargo or The Big Lebowski, I love the Coen brothers and think John Goodman is hilarious.
Favorite TV Show: Gavin and Stacy (at least this week)
Other favorites: Amy Butler's Hapi fabric, salt and vinegar potato chips, Elvis, milk in my tea, Rubik's cubes, pale ale, refrigerator magnets, key lime pie, Ikea, cheeseburgers and Crocs.
My question for my readers:
Do you also find that there is thread everywhere? If not, please tell me your secret :).  I'm off to find a new lint roller to take with me to work tomorrow, so I can stop looking such a mess. 
Thanks for sticking around to get to know a little more about me. I've reached the end of my longest post ever, woohoo! Now go check out these other blogs in the blog hop:
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  1. I have less thread around than I used to but I think that's because of the lack of carpet! When I lived in my previous house it was all carpeted and thread just stuck to it! We bough our own house last year and it's tiled, and the three carpeted rooms we've ripped up and put floating floor boards in them, including my sewing room. It's so much easier to sweep up than try and suck embedded threads out of the carpet. Cat hair on the other hand...!

    I've been starting to love bee blocks where you can chop them up and mix them up. I've recently done a Bento block in a bee and a Disappearing nine patch with a pinwheel. I think they'll make awesome, fun quilts and could help with the issues of multiple people making different blocks as everyone's blocks come out differently sized (different rulers, different seams).

    http://www.ludlowquiltandsew.co.uk/free-quilt-and-sew-patterns/free-quilt-patterns/bento-box-quilt-pattern/ -- If you google bento blocks there are so many amazing ones!

    Oh PS, you've got the captcha turned on for commenting which has been recommend to have turned off in the hop group :)

  2. Hi Kate! It's so nice to learn a bit more about you! Thread is a side affect of quilting. I've found thread on me at any given time of the day and wonder how long it's been there and who saw it. I just stopped caring. I haven't joined any bee groups, but they do sound like fun. Maybe in the future. I'm very jealous of your access to the beach. Living in Tennessee is a bit depressing when I use to live 20 minutes from South Padre Island in Texas growing up. Oh well...

  3. So good to get to know you better, Kate. I like the idea of collecting up photos of you and your husband with state signs. :) I find thread everywhere. Especially in my tea cup, because I tend to set it right beside my thread bin when I sew in the mornings. *sigh* Are you a sci fi reader? I love Orson Scott Card and recommend Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow.

  4. Welcome to both quilting and blogging! And yes, thread does get everywhere. A good lint roller is ideal, but my mom used to always say it was a fashion statement. :) One thing that does help is a good thread catcher kept by the machine. I love your big blue star quilt.

  5. Love the Big Lebowski - that's one of my favourites too! I have thread everywhere too and most of the time it's my own fault. I let it fall to the ground and sweep up later. Having 2 dogs we have lots of lint brushes!

  6. I'm always covered in thread. I keep a lint roller in the door of my sewing cabinet because I always need it. I have found that if I keep a small bowl beside my machine to drop clipped threads into, it reduces the threads but they never totally go away.

  7. Oh, I'd love to live close to a beach! Well, until there came along a hurricane or something.... :). Love your big blue star quilt!

  8. I love the idea of the pictures and state signs. I haven't done that but want to visit every state. Love all three of your quilts that you shared. I actually had found some really tutorials on blogs and info and they were the first ones I could understand and figure out. Fun post!

  9. Oh yes, there is always thread everywhere at my place!! Welcome to the world of quilting, sounds like it's already got you hooked :).

  10. WOW you have been busy for just starting quilting! AWESOME! I throw all my threads on the floor while machine quilting- bad habit I know, especially with a new-ish dog who thinks for attention he needs to eat random things. (dryer sheets, socks, walnut shells in the yard, rocks etc) He must sit there and say- they aren't paying attention to me, if I eat something, then run away, they will have to chase me and BAM I tricked them into playing a game.

    Something I use to pick up threads is a NEW toilet cleaning brush. The bristly end is great for sweeping all over the floor and the threads get tangle in it and you just pull them out when it gets too full. I have carpet and it works really well on carpet, and saves clogging the vacuum all the time. Remember a NEW toilet brush!

    It is nice getting to know you, look forward to more posts and especially photos of the beach! Photos of quilts too but the beach is so beautiful!

  11. If my girls (2.5 & 4 years old) find a thread from my quilting they get a chocolate ... it's a good incentive for me to keep my sewing area clean - otherwise it will cost a fortune at the dentist - lol!

  12. Yes, there is thread everywhere at my house! The dogs have gotten so used to it they don't even stop to sniff it anymore LOL Your work is beautiful!

  13. Visiting from the New Quilt Bloggers Hop, thanks for sharing your quilts! Threads are just a part of a quilter's life!
    Carole @ From My Carolina Home

  14. My Dyson helps with the thread that is constantly flowing! It is crazy how much it accumulates! Where do you find out about these swaps and bees? I see all these people participating but I can never seem to find out about them before they start! :-)

  15. Very nice to learn more about you! I love that star block quilt with all the half square triangles. I don't usually see quilts with a blue background, but judging by how stunning yours is, I should be seeing more!

  16. Haha, yes, there is thread everywhere! And I never notice it until I'm out somewhere :) Nice learning more about you, and I also learned how to quilt by hand but am trying to improve my machine skills for practicality's sake. So much faster, but trickier to be as creative!

  17. Kate, I love the blue star quilt and my husband and I loved Gavin & Stacy! Have you seen Spy? So funny : ) Love British sitcoms and comedy.

  18. You started quilting THIS YEAR? Yes, I am shouting in amazement.
    When it comes to bee blocks, always choose something that works as a scrap quilt as so many people's fabric choices will be in it. You also need a block that is forgiving for different abilities (not too many tricky precise points).
    Get used to thread everywhere. It cannot be helped.
    A cup of tea always helps. One glass of wine is good. Two glasses and I am not allowed to cut fabric, only sew, preferably slowly and by hand. :)
    Estoy estudiando español ahora! I majored in French literature and Japanese studies at university, though. Oh, yeah - a really useful degree!
    What took you to Indonesia? I live near Indonesia (kind of).

  19. Oh yes, I do have thread bits everywhere :-) When I travelled in States we like to take pictures with the state signs as well. You are doing great for being such a newbie. Nice to meet you.

  20. I love your blog name! Yep, I have thread everywhere too, even though I try to use a thread catcher all the time. I even have one that I keep in my bag that holds all my epp hexies. Your giant star quilt is amazing. I can't believe you're so new to quilting. It certainly doesn't show.

  21. Ha, I'm always covered in thread so I cannot be any help in advising you how not to be covered in thread. I love that you and your hubs are taking pictures at all the state signs. What a cute idea!

  22. I'm sorry to say there is no trick to it. From now on you will be covered in thread for ever more, even if you haven't been in your sewing room/area, you will stick find thread in your hair and on your clothes.

    I can't believe you're such a new quilter, your quilts are gorgeous. love that fractured lone star.

  23. Hi Kate, Its lovely to read more about you. I love your quilts - so pretty. And I am thrilled to have discovered a quilting friend who has lived in Indonesia :-)

  24. Great getting to know you Kate! I'm still trying to catch up with everyone on the hop, I'm a bit behind. You may be new to quilting but it doesn't show. Your quilts are beautiful. The books I'm reading right now are the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I highly recommend them.

  25. Thread! On a bad day when I'm not paying attention, I get up and dressed in black yoga pants, give the cat her medication (pants immediately covered in cat fur) and then head up to my studio after the children are organized. Black yoga pants instantly covered in cat fur and thread. Your quilts are lovely, and I'd never have known you just started! I recently finished a Project Linus quilt - it's such a great organization. I love your use of giraffes! Your large star quilt is impeccable. Nice to learn more about you, and I wholeheartedly support your use of the word 'rubbish'. :)