Thursday, June 5, 2014

Finished HST Star Quilt

We were at a family wedding last weekend in Charleston, and I was able to gift my HST Star quilt to my cousin and his new wife.
I got a charm pack of American Jane's Pot Luck back in April, and I wasn't really sure what to do with the little squares. I ended up getting some solid royal blue fabric and making what felt like millions of HSTs. I did get a few other prints from Joann because I needed more fabric to finish the design.
I also really love the back. You can almost see the quilting in this picture. I did a geometric/square pattern with my walking foot.

Here's a close-up with the binding (flash warning!)
The quilt is 74x74ish, so it's difficult to hold up on your own. 

Here's to hoping it doesn't fall apart in the near future! This was my first quilt gift so it does make me a little nervous.
And here's to another almost Friday!


  1. This is GORGEOUS! I love it and hope the recipient did, too. :)

  2. Your quilt is beautiful! Love the bright blue background and your quilting looks great.

  3. The colors really pop out of the blue :-) Well done.

  4. That blue is so stunning - love it! Gifting can be nerve wracking, but I am sure they are going to love it and get lots of warm snuggly use out of it! Congratulations on the wonderful finish!

  5. Love it. What pattern did you use?

  6. Congratulations! It is beautiful! I think your background color choice was perfect.

  7. Wow!! I love HST's and this is such a great use!! I've been buying a few charm packs lately not really having any plan for them, but I guess I have one now...I like how this quilt looks like one large quilt block. I like the idea of enlarging one traditional block to make a modern quilt. This is great inspiration and what a nice gift too!!


  8. This quilt is awesome! I love the enlarged pinwheel in the middle! Thanks for linking up to Weekly Inspiration!