Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stitchcraft Challenge

Happy Sunday!

Today I am mostly looking on pinterest, trying to find an awesome idea for the Stitchcraft Challenge.

Stitchcraft, my local quilt shop, hosts a yearly challenge based around a challenging fabric.

This year they chose this coffee cup print from Collage by Windham Fabrics. 

Everyone gets a 1/2 yard for free. I can make anything I want, doesn't have to be quilted, as long as it's finished by 5pm on September 2nd. I can add anything I want, and I can cut up the fabric as much as I want (as long as they can see I used the challenge fabric in my design.)

I have been trying to decide what to do, it actually seems like a lot of fabric, but I feel like I must make something kitchen or coffee related. I need a new tea cozy, and I want to make mug rugs, but those wouldn't use up much fabric. Maybe a wall hanging? Apron? Cut up the coffee cups so I don't even recognize them? I don't know.

I need an awesome coffee cup quilt idea.

Off to waste my entire Sunday looking at pinterest....



  1. I see something to do with books and newspapers because of the text print. Does that help or just send you off on another few hours trawling Pinterest?

  2. Adding to Granny Maud's Girl's comment, perhaps an art-y quilt idea with someone reading a newspaper with a cup of coffee in front of them. I know that's a stretch and I'd have a tough time achieving it too! It could also be fun to cut it into small pieces by colour and use those bits for some improv stitch n'flip triangles. Is the point of the challenge to disguise the fabric or just make something awesome?

  3. Good luck finding a good project for this fabric! I like the idea of adding in more text print (newspaper-esque) fabrics. :)