Friday, August 15, 2014

Halfway There - Supernova Swap

I finally had a chance to finish my Supernova Swap block for August, just in time! Where did the summer go? The last few months seem to have flown by.

For August, I decided to do my grey block:

It was very bright, so you can't really see the background fabric, which is a shame. We're using Lizzy House's Pearl Bracelet in Sandbox. I love how it looks against the bright green, orange and aqua.  

I also got out my July blocks, and finally took photos of them. Amy and I both did green blocks for July.
Here's Amy's block:

Should have pressed that one after I got it out of the envelope... oops!
And mine:

This month's theme was about sharing childhood memories, which is very fitting for the end of the summer. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from our summer road trips. We used to drive from Colorado to Michigan every summer. It usually took close to 20 hours, so we always had plenty of time to play games, listen to books on tape, and generally annoy each other. ahhhh, memories...  

I am leaving town today on my own summer road trip, sort of. I'm not sure a 1 1/2 hour drive counts as a road trip, but I'll take it.

Happy Friday!

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  1. My family once drove across Australia with four kids with an average age of 6 in the back of the car. I was 7. I still remember that trip. Mum had made up kits of games and colouring books, but the parents must have been nuts. About an hour away from home, we were already asking, 'Are we nearly there yet?' We still had days to travel.