Friday, October 24, 2014

Touch of Grey - A Finished Quilt

Happy Friday!

I finally finished the binding on my second quilt made from my Amy Butler Spots jelly roll.

It was meant to be finished a month ago, for my middle sister's 16th birthday. I will have to get it in the mail this week. I'm just happy I finished it before Christmas!

I called this one Touch of Grey. It's completely hand quilted, though you can't see the quilting in the photos very well. I need to take more close-ups of it before mailing it off...The hand quilting I did was very similar to the quilting in this quilt's "sister," Maintain Block Integrity.

My goal with these two was to make similar, but not identical quilts for my younger sisters. I used the same fabrics to make the center squares back in May, but added on over the summer, and finished both of them in completely different ways. I didn't really have a plan for this one, so I'm glad it came together as well as it did.  

I tried to use some of the same solids in both of them, and gave them both the same scrappy solid binding. I had a hard time deciding which quilt to make for which sister--I hope I got it right! :)

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Good work on the 'similar but not identical' plan. They look like they belong as a set, but each has its own 'personality'.
    I love the multicoloured binding. It really works here.

  2. I like the way they compliment one another, and I really love the scrappy bindings you used.

  3. I would love to see close-ups of the quilting - I love that you hand quilted them. What a thoughtful gift for your sisters! They look great and they are similar but just different enough.