Monday, December 1, 2014

Moody Blue - A Finished Quilt

After a nice visit home to Colorado, I'm back and ready to share my latest finished quilt, Moody Blue.

It feels very good to have this finished, and to be able to give it to my mom. I realized I bought this top five years ago, last weekend. Which officially makes this quilt my longest running project.
 Now that it's finished, I am really happy with the quilting. I don't think I'll try such a dense design, on such a large quilt, for a while. It took a long time. You can read more about it here and here.

I decided on a plain, navy blue binding, and an embroidered label (my first time doing a label this way, and I love it). You can see from the photo, my parents' deck was a little dusty.

View from my parents' front porch--The Twin Peaks in the background (Longs Peak and Mt Meeker)

I was very worried about washing this quilt, but luckily had a strip of blocks leftover. I was able to do a test wash last weekend to make sure the quilt was safe to wash. It was made of "mystery fabric" so I wasn't sure. Surprisingly, All Small and Mighty was better for the fabric than the "quilt soap" I won at last months' guild meeting.

It was wonderful to spend some time at home, and I got to see my favorite dogs. They enjoyed my photo shoot.

I'm glad quilts are machine washable, because these two enjoyed walking all over it.

I have many projects to finish between now and the New Year, I hope I stay motivated for the next few weeks--I think that vacation was just what I needed to motivate me to finish (and post about) a few of the other things I've been working on.

I'll link this week with Nini and The Sea, Quilt StoryMy Quilt Infatuation, and Crazy Mom Quilts

Happy Monday!


  1. Congratulations on the finish! I love the photo of the dogs on the porch standing on the bench, so cute! I think your binding choice was spot on.

  2. I'm so glad you have this quilt finished - it looks beautiful! And those sweet dogs! We had two German Shepherds for about twelve years, they grew up together and we lost them about a year apart. So I have a real soft spot for those fur babies! I would let them walk all over my quilt too! :)

  3. I never worry about traipsing quilts through the garden for photos when they are bound as I know I can wash them. Quilt tops that cannot yet be washed without fraying, however, I am paranoid about getting dirty!