Thursday, May 15, 2014

Scrappy Pillows

I made new pillow cases for our new pillows from Ikea. 
This one is Tom's, he likes scrappier quilts. 
Looks like I still need to trim some threads.
This was my first attempt a machine quilting, I'm quite happy with it.
Here's mine:

And here they are together:
I really enjoyed sewing and piecing without a plan, and without measuring. I may be ready to do this on a bigger quilt now :) Or I may just cover the sofa and our bed with tiny pillows.
I used this tutorial from Crazy Mom Quilts, I'm not great at following directions, but these turned out just right with her instructions.
This was handy because I'd never heard of an envelope backed pillow. My mom always sewed the cases shut. Maybe I should show her, I don't think she follows directions all the time either :) or I could make her some, she always has lots of tiny pillows about.

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