Sunday, June 29, 2014

154 Hexagons

This weekend I decided to cut into my new favorite fabric, Amy Butler's Hapi. 

I saw this fabric on Etsy a couple of months ago (sold by ModernQuilter), but couldn't decide what to do with it until I saw LizzyClips Design's WIP, I'm too Hexie.

I like hand sewing, and decided that I had to try some EPP.
I haven't decided on a final design yet, and still have some solid hexies to baste before I decide.

I bought a Fiskars Hexagon Squeeze Punch which made the process go much more smoothly. I had a box of old business cards in my desk at work, and was able to make close to 200 hexagons from it. Now I have 200 business cards with 1 inch hexagon holes in them.  
I started with thread basting, but that was slow going. I switched to glue, and it's working out well so far. 

I now have 154 Hapi Hexies ready to be sewn together.

For now, they all fit in this little box, waiting to turn into a quilt. I'm aiming for a 60 x 60 top, and according to this website I only need to make 1200 more. Wow.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Such pretty little hexies!! And your business card idea is a stroke of brilliance. I have a box of misprinted cards at the office that have a date with the hole puncher! I can't wait to see the progress on your hexie project!

  2. Lovely Hexies - Love EPP :)

  3. Your fabrics are beautiful the quilt will be gorgeous. I love the look of Hexies but couldnt do a whole quilt unless they were 6" big (hee hee)

  4. I think glueing would be my method too. And a hexagon punch! I haven't heard of it before the EPP hexies, but it's such a great idea for recycling paper and making as many as you need. I like your fabric choices as well. The rose one in the top picture is my favorite :)

  5. Thanks for linking up, love your hexies! and you only need 1200 more, piece of cake! haha

  6. I am always impressed and awed by people who take on making hexies. I think they are beautiful but the shear number of them needed scares me silly!

  7. Only 1200 more!
    A hexi punch? What a great idea! I've never seen them here. Maybe I should get out more.