Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Nearly There

I'm back from vacation now, and really trying to finish up my project for the Stitchcraft Challenge. I've been very distracted lately, but have to have this finished and dropped off by Saturday.

This is where I'm at this morning. Nearly there... and yes, I did do another spiral quilt. It's my favorite thing to do now.

I'm debating whether I want to do another spiral in another color from the other corner, or if that's just crazy talk. I could just bind it and have it finished tomorrow.

I also need a name for it. I'm stumped.

On another note, we got to see this little guy on No Name Key last week. I didn't know there were deer in the Florida Keys.

Linking with Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Wow, you were really close to that deer! It looks like he was hopeful for some food. :) Hmmm, how about Tunnel Vision for the name of your quilt?

  2. I'm terrible at coming up with names for my quilts - orbit popped into my head for this one though!

  3. Love the spiral on a circle quilt, genious!

  4. 'Cosmos', 'Unity', 'Orbit'

    There. Thought of 3 anyway........ Makes me think of the universe.

  5. I love how you quilted this with the spiral, so cool. When I saw it "Spinning" popped in my head.

  6. Whirlpool, orbit, solar system, moons, planets, hmmm ... (These popped into my head before I read the other comments. I see a pattern.)
    If you quilt another spiral, will that stiffen the drape? It looks lovely as is, I think.

  7. I admire your spiral quilting and think you made a great decision to set it off-center. Nicely done.